Pending grain bin collapse prompts emergency in Philip, S.D. |

Pending grain bin collapse prompts emergency in Philip, S.D.

The grain bin that's collapsing in Philip is the second one from the right, according to Dusti Berry, who took the photo and lives in Philip.
Philip Grain Bin Dusti Berry

UPDATE: 3:35 p.m.

According to Lori Quinn, Haakon County emergency manager, as quoted in the Rapid City Journal, the main concerns are still explosion and fire due to grain dust. The wheat is being emptied into other bins, to get below the part of the bin that has been structurally compromised, but it’s a very slow process. The bin’s capacity is 100,000 bushel and the Philip VFD estimates it’s being emptied at about 300-450 bushel per hour.

UPDATE: 1:38 p.m.

The grain bin is collapsing at a rate of about 3 inches per hour, the Philip Volunteer Fire Department estimates. It will collapse slowly for a while, then pick up speed and go quickly. News reports say CHS, Inc. is working to empty the wheat from the collapsing bin.

UPDATE: 12:03 p.m.

The fire department is working to gauge the rate at which the grain bin is collapsing and they have shut down traffic going through town.

Right now emergency personnel is stopping all traffic going past on Highway 34 to warn them of the situation, and all semi-trucks are being detained. Traffic on Highway 14 is moving freely.

11 a.m.

The pending collapse of an old grain bin, owned by CHS Inc., has prompted the evacuation and declaration of emergency in downtown Philip, S.D.

The emergency and evacuation was declared as a precaution against the possibility of fire or explosion.

According to a video on the Philip Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page, the fire department is being briefed on a response, and no one except emergency responders is being allowed downtown.

More information will be posted when available.

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