Perdue: Trump still wants deal |

Perdue: Trump still wants deal

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told the Agricultural Retailers Association Conference in Phoenix last week that he remains optimistic that the United States, Mexico and Canada will reach a new agreement on the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Red River Farm Network reported today.

“I do believe the president wants a deal. He’s a tough negotiator,” Perdue said.

“He knows the political power of the ag economy. He wants to make sure we have a healthy, growing, thriving farm economy, because he knows it’s a contribution to the American economy as well.”

Of the Canadian dairy industry’s supply/management program, Perdue said “If they’re going to use a supply management system for dairy, they need to manage the supply. They’re overproducing and decreasing global milk prices, because of the high price they give on their quotas for domestic use and they’re blending those margins and it’s not fair to our U.S. dairy people.”

“He’s a tough negotiator.” Sonny Perdue, ag secretary, on President Donald Trump

Perdue also highlighted the importance of infrastructure, including roads, rail, waterways and broadband technology. He also noted that President Donald Trump wants Cabinet secretaries to travel around the country and that he has taken 85 flights in six months.

The Agricultural Retailers Association also posted the audio of Perdue’s speech.

–The Hagstrom Report

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