Perman: Cattle ranchers are committed to the environment for the future |

Perman: Cattle ranchers are committed to the environment for the future


With Earth Day near, sustainability is top-of-mind. As a rancher, we are proud that we provide both high-quality beef for consumers today while working to regenerate the land to provide a better future for generations to come.

My wife and I established our ranch in 1976 with a goal to positively impact soil health and grassland sustainability. In the last 20 years we have transitioned adding our son Luke and his wife Naomi and their children to our ranch business. We value diverse thinking on our operation and view sustainability as an outcome of that process. Our family works together to find the right pieces of our business to mitigate risks.

We utilize all spectrums of the beef production lifecycle, from cow-calf to stockers in partnership. We also custom grazed sheep to reduce grassland risks through limiting the number of invasive species that endanger our native prairies. Our cattle are the cornerstone in solving our complex, environmental puzzle. We have always said, no cows equal no grass. Without cattle grazing our land, we diminish our role as a conservationist.

This type of ingenuity and resourcefulness is practiced by farmers and ranchers all over the country.

We are committed to continuous improvement so that we can produce the beef consumers know and love, while preserving and regenerating our natural resources. It’s a practice that will allow us to continue living off this land and regenerating this ecosystem for future generations.

Lyle Perman

Rock Hills Ranch

Lowry, South Dakota

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