BHSS Sheep Shearing win goes to Perrin |

BHSS Sheep Shearing win goes to Perrin

Pro Dividsion

1. David Perrin

2. Alex Moser

3. Nolan Abel

4. Loren Opstedahl

Intermediate Division

1. Levi McTaggart

2. John Beasley

3. Logan Crisp

4. Chris Troendle

Beginner Division

1. Jacob Erhart

2. Abigail Appleby

3. Billy Joe

4. Rowdy Thompson

Blades Division

1. Kevin Ford

2. Doug Rathke

3. Loren Opstedahl

4. Jeff Burchstead

Wool Handling

1. Leann Brimmer

2. Amelia Seifert

3. Quenitin Ackerman

4. Wendy Valentine

–S.D. Sheepgrowers Association

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