Pesticide trainings set for Feb., March across Montana |

Pesticide trainings set for Feb., March across Montana

Pesticide training for homeowners, the general public and people wanting to earn their private applicator license will be held this spring in Billings, Bozeman, Kalispell and Miles City. A private applicator license allows individuals to apply restricted-use pesticides on land they own, rent or lease.

The Montana State University Pesticide Education Program will hold six-hour training sessions on Feb. 24 in Miles City, Feb. 25 in Billings, March 4 in Bozeman and March 26 in Kalispell. Each one is open to any Montanan.

Each program will cover integrated pest management, pesticide movement in the environment, pesticide safety and toxicity, pesticide law, calibrating ground spray equipment, understanding the private applicator license, and reading/understanding pesticide product labels.

In addition, MSU Extension Rangeland Weed Specialist Jane Mangold will speak at Bozeman and Kalispell. MSU Extension Cropland Insect Specialist Kevin Wanner will speak in Billings and Miles City. MSU Pesticide Education Specialist Cecil Tharp will speak at each location. Assisting will be local MSU Extension agents and district officers for the Montana Department of Agriculture.

Cost for the workshops ranges from $10 to $25, depending on whether or not attendees want to earn their private applicator license.

The cost is $10 for those who don’t want a private applicator license or who simply desire private applicator credits. They will qualify for a license by attending the training session, however. People holding a private applicator license can buy and use labeled restricted-use pesticides and will also be notified of future pesticide trainings in their area.

Attendees holding a current private applicator license will earn three private pesticide recertification credits by attending either a morning or afternoon session, and six credits for attending the entire day.

The training costs $25 for those who want to qualify for a private applicator license. The fee covers the six-hour training session, as well as training manuals.

A catered lunch will be available to all attendees, but they must pre-register. When pre-registering, they must say if they want to earn a private applicator license, desire private applicator credits or if they simply wish to attend the event.

For more details, pre-registration information and complete agendas, go to and select one of the workshop locations under “Regional Initial Pesticide Training Opportunities.” For additional information, contact local Extension agents or Cecil Tharp at (406) 994-5067 or

–Montana State University Extension