Peterson Angus Annual production sale |

Peterson Angus Annual production sale

Rex Pfaff, Bonesteel, S.D. took home Lot 9 for $8,000.

Date: Feb 22, 2014

Location: Sioux Falls Regional Livestock in Worthing, S.D.

Auctioneer: Jay Elfelt

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


109 ylg Angus bulls: $5,238

57 open Angus heifers: $2,137

Well, it was another typical brisk day at the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock in Worthing, S.D. but, like always with top quality bulls and females offered not even a Tsunami would have kept people from attending.

Everyone wanted a piece of the action as the sale progressed throughout the day. These bulls represented the Angus breed well as over half were in the

top 1 percent of the breed for $ weaning index! Not only that, but the offering also ranked $ beef in the top 4 percent of the breed. Top notch genetics covered with hide of sound, good looking cattle made for an offering that was easy on the eyes as well as putting as much profit in each consumer’s herd. The Peterson family did an excellent job hosting the mass crowds at an outstanding facility. Here is how the top end sifted out:

Yearling Angus Bulls:

Lot 1, PA No Limit 3736, got the day going selling for $22,500. This GAR New Design 5050 son has EPDs of BW 1.6,WW 65, YW 113, and Milk 34. His actual birth weight was 50 pounds with a 205 weight at 914 pounds! He sold to the Riverbend Ranch of Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Lot 65, PA Ten X 7008 A1, made his mark at $11,500. This AAR Ten X

7008 SA son was the top $B bull of the sale supporting EPD’s of BW 0.9, WW 59, YW 118, and Milk 28. Although the birth weight was not available he scaled 700 pounds at his 205 weight. This crowd pleaser was purchased by Doerr Angus of Neb..

Lot 2, PA New Limit 3744, sold for $11,000 and is also a GAR New Design

5050 son and a flush brother to Lot 1. He was born weighing 56 pounds and clocked in a 205 weight of 921 pounds. His EPD’s are BW 0.6, WW 56, YW 101, and Milk 31. He is headed to Texas purchased by Steve Zybach.

Lot 41, PA Waylon 358, stopped the bidding at $10,000. This true identical twin is a Baldridge Waylon W34 son with EPD’s of BW 1.1, WW 66, YW 113, and Milk 33. His actual weight at birth was a whopping 82 pounds and 779 pounds at 205 days.

Lot 100, PA Recorda Breaker 3480, purchased by Brad Hurt of South Dakota, sold for $9,000. He is a son of GAR Objective 7125 and posted EPDs of BW 1.1, WW 62, YW 111, and Milk 35. His actual birth and 205 weights are 94 pounds and 911 pounds respectively.

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