Pfizer Animal Health and partners Donate $830,181 to FFA, AABP programs in 2010 |

Pfizer Animal Health and partners Donate $830,181 to FFA, AABP programs in 2010

NEW YORK – This spring alone, Pfizer Animal Health and its partners contributed more than $830,000 to help support FFA programs and fund American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Foundation/Pfizer Veterinary Student Scholarships. Since its inception in 2008, the total amount donated through the Pfizer Animal Health FFA/AABP support program is more than $2.38 million.

More than 1,100 veterinarians, animal health suppliers and dealers from across the country participated in the program, which offered a 1 percent rebate on Pfizer Animal Health cattle products purchased from Jan. 1 through Mar. 31, 2010. Participating partners were able to direct the funds to any local FFA chapter(s) or the AABP Foundation/Pfizer Veterinary Student Scholarship Program.

As a result, the FFA chapters received $732,316 to help support their activities and the AABP scholarship fund received $97,865 in 2010 alone.

“The first few years of practice can be extremely difficult for a new graduate,” said M. Gatz Riddell, Jr., DVM, executive vice president, AABP. “Most veterinarians are still trying to establish their practices, become a part of their communities and even start families, so when we can help reduce their debt load with a scholarship from the AABP Foundation/Pfizer Veterinary Student Scholarship Program, it may help them reduce some of the early year worries.”

“Most FFA chapters have used the additional funds to supplement travel to leadership conferences, National FFA Convention or their state conventions, and others have used it for scholarships and community service projects,” said Will Fett, regional director, National FFA Foundation. “These donations are one helpful addition to the fundraising that many chapters have to do anyway to help support these activities that are a central part of the FFA experience.”

Allowing local veterinary clinics, animal health suppliers and dealers to be a part of the process also allowed clinics and FFA chapters to make important and beneficial connections that just can’t be quantified, Fett adds.

“Every veterinary clinic, retailer and animal-health distributor we work with understands the importance of supporting tomorrow’s agricultural leaders,” said Julian Garcia, group director, Pfizer Animal Health. “We are honored to help support our partners and the organizations that are the lifeblood of our industry.”

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