Philip Livestock Bad River Fall Extravaganza Horse Sale |

Philip Livestock Bad River Fall Extravaganza Horse Sale

Headin Ta Fame a June 2012 Chestnut stud colt sired by Dash Ta Fame (First Down Dash) and out of a Streakin Six (First Down Dash, Dash to Cash) mare, was the top selling colt at the Bad River Fall Extravaganza horse sale at $13,500. Courtesy photo

Date: Sept. 22, 2012

Location: Philip Livestock Auction, Philip, SD

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar, Seth Weishaar and Jeff Long

Pedigrees: John Johnson

Philip Livestock Auction held their annual Bad River Fall Extravaganza Horse sale on Sept. 22. Between the cataloged, non-catalog and loose horses they sold a total of 461 head. High performance and quality-bred weanlings sold exceptionally well with great demand for gentle ranch broke horses. The catalog horses far out sold the non-catalog horses.

There was a huge crowd of buyers on hand to sort thru and buy the horses on this sale. For many of the consignors this was their total production sale so the quality ran deep all day long.

Catalog Horses:

Ruzsa Quarter Horses, Selby – Lot 16, Chestnut Horse Colt–$13,500; Lot 13, Chestnut Filly–$7,250; Lot 9, Buckskin Filly–$5,600; Lot 31, Sorrel Horse Colt–$4,250; Lot 7, Chestnut Horse Colt–$4,000; Lot 3, Gray Filly–$3,900; Lot 21, Gray Filly–$4,100; Lot 15, Sorrel Filly–$3,800; Lot 5, Bay Filly–$3,400; Lot 25, Bay Horse Colt–$3,300; Lot 4, Sorrel Horse Colt–$3,000; Lot 33, Gray Filly–$2,800; Lot 8, Buckskin Horse Colt–$2,000; Lot 27, Bay Filly–$1,900; Lot14, Buckskin Horse Colt–$1,800; Lot18, Buckskin Horse Colt–$1,800; Lot 36, Buckskin Horse Colt–$1,800; Lot 17, Palomino/Gray Horse Colt–$1,700; Lot 37, Buckskin Filly–$1,700; Lot 26, Bay Filly–$1,600; Lot 32, Gray Horse Colt–$1,500; Lot 24, Buckskin Horse Colt–$1,200; Lot 22, Bay Horse Colt–$1,100

Shaina Huffman, Selby – Lot 39, Chestnut Horse Colt–$3,500; Lot 40, Chestnut Horse Colt–$1,700

Gunn’s Arrow Y Ranch, Wasta – Lot 84, Blue Roan 3-year-old Mare–$7,000; Lot 79, Red Roan 13-year-old Mare–$5,700; Lot 78, Red Roan Filly–$3,000; Lot 82, Brown Horse Colt–$2,000; Lot 80, Sorrel Horse Colt–$1,600; Lot 81, Sorrel Horse Colt–$1,050; Lot 83, Gray 13-year-old Mare–$1,000

Danielle Piroutek, Milesville – Lot 92, Sorrel 4-year-old Gelding–$5,900; Lot 62, Sorrel 5-year-old Gelding–$4,500

Travis and Amanda Frink, Quinn – Lot 201, Bay 7-year-old Gelding–$5,500

Luke Vandermay, Kadoka – Lot 191, Red Roan 7-year-old Gelding–$4,800

Grady and Bernice Crew, Philip – Lot 41, Bay 6-year-old Gelding–$3,900

Evan and Dorothy Bligh, Norris – Lot 107, Red Roan 7-year-old Mare–$3,900; Lot 114, Sorrel 2-year-old Mare–$2,600; Lot 108, Grullo 7-year-old Mare–$2,000; Lot 109, Dun 7-year-old Mare–$1,300; Lot 113, Brown 3-year-old Mare–$1,300; Lot 112, Palomino 10-year-old Mare–$1,200; Lot 111, Dun 9-year-old Mare–$1,100

Sharlet Teigen, Belle Fourche – Lot 98, Sorrel 6-year-old Gelding–$3,500

Allan and Shannon Olson, White River – Lot 85, Gray 5-year-old Gelding–$3,000

Lazy VC Kelly Ranch, Faith – Lot 100, Sorrel 4-year-old Gelding–$2,700; Lot 99, Sorrel 4-year-old Mare–$2,600; Lot 103, Palomino 2-year-old Filly–$2,000; Lot 104 Buckskin 2-year-old Gelding–$1,100

Mick Trask, Wasta – Lot 115, Palomino 9-year-old Gelding–$2,100

Mark Trask, Wasta – Lot 139, Gray 9-year-old Gelding–$2,100; Lot 145, Buckskin 5-year-old Gelding–$1,700

Glendon Shearer, Wall – Lot 70, Dun 10-year-old Gelding–$2,000

Hollibaugh Ranch, Chadron, NE – Lot 166, Bay 5-year-old Gelding–$2,000; Lot 154, Bay 2-year-old Gelding–$1,400; Lot 153, Sorrel 3-yr-old Gelding–$1,250

Garrett Dockter, Denhoff, ND – Lot 183, Buckskin 4-year-old Gelding–$1,500

Gary end Deb Mailloux, Vale – Lot 94, Grulla Horse Colt–$950; Lot 93, Brown Horse Colt–$800; Lot 97, Bay Horse Colt–$600

Troy and Jennifer Carlson, Chappell, NE – Lot 167, Gray 2-year-old Mare–$850; Lot 168, Red Dun 2-year-old Gelding–$600

Schofield Quarter Horses, Philip – Lot 42, Palomiono Horse Colt–$800; Lot 44, Buckskin Horse Colt–$800; Lot 46, Buckskin Horse Colt–$600

Ken and Marilyn Derry, South Bend, TX – Lot 90, Sorrel Horse Colt–$800; Lot 88, Bay Horse Colt–$600; Lot 89, Red Roan Filly–$600; Lot 91, Red Dun Horse Colt–$600

Hancock Maxon Quarter Horses, Scenic – Lot 141, Gray 10-year-old Mare–$800

Chad and Crystal Brunsch, Chadron, NE – Lot 184, Red Roan Horse Colt–$750

Sadie Rae Singleton, Philip – Lot 214, Palomino 3-year-old Gelding–$750

Trask Performance Horses, Wall – Lot 73, Sorrel Filly–$550; Lot 76, Palomino Horse Colt–$500

Buxcel, Barnes, Wiotte Quarter Horses, Murdo – Lot 120, Bay Roan 2-year-old Gelding–$800; Lot 125, Buckskin Horse Colt–$750; Lot 132, Buckskin Horse Colt–$700

Open Consignment:

Price and Stangle, Philip – Sorrel 5-year-old Gelding–$2,100

Emmy Lou Hill, White River – Dunn 6-year-old Gelding–$1,950

Michael Peterson, Kilgore, NE – Sorrel 10-year-old Gelding–$1,900

Donnie Moore, Lower Brule – Buckskin Gelding–$1,500

Patty Volmer, Draper – Buckskin 6-year-old Gelding–$1,350

Mike O’Connell, Mobridge – Black 10-year-old Gelding–$1,200

Bill Weller, Kadoka – Bay 5-year-old Gelding–$1,100

Jessica Moore, Gordon, NE – Gray 9-year-old Mare–$1,050

Loose Horses:

Under 999 pounds 7.00-17.00

1000-1199 pounds 15.00-25.00

1200 pounds and over 20.00-30.00

Saddle Prospects 500.00-900.00 per head.