Pieper Red Angus Fall Run Production Sale


Date: Oct. 23, 2021

Location: At the ranch, Hay Springs, Neb.

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson, Billings, Mont.

TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek, Jake St. Amant


68 18-month-old Bulls avg – $7,004

204 Commercial Bred Heifers –  $2,134

8 Reg. Heifer Calves – Show Prospects – $20,163

48 Reg. Red Angus Bred Heifers – $3,544

25 Reg. Red Angus Bred Cows – $3,738

2 Pieper Ranch Ponies – $6,525

29 Pieper Ranch Weanling Colts – $4,224

8 Pieper Ranch Working Horses – $10,750

This was another very strong sale for the Pieper Annual Fall Run Sale. Mark and Deb Pieper, along with their son, Tate, hosted another big crowd. The cattle have a tremendous amount of eye appeal, with a lot of natural thickness and muscle bred in. The commercial customers see the value of having Mark at the auction barns bidding on their calves. These are good ranch horses, and their horse sale gets stronger each year. As always, the food was fantastic.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 1: PIE Quarterback 0130, a 2-11-20 son of PIE Quarterback 789, to Terry Crawford, Lexington NE for $21,500

Lot 3:  PIE Quarterback 0125, a 2-10-20 son of PIE Quarterback 789, to Broken Heart  Red Angus,  Firesteel, SD, for $20,000

Lot 8:  PIE Franchise  0626, a 5-1-20  son of PIE Franchise 809, to Terry Crawford,  Lexington, NE, for $18,000

Lot 14:  PIE Franchise 0107, a 2-6-20  son of 9 Mile Franchise 6305, to John Stuckley,  Schulenburg, TX, for $11,500

Lot 5: PIE Quarterback 0486, a 4-18-20 son of PIE Quarterback 789, to Buffalo Creek Red Angus, Iowa Park, TX, for $10,000

Lot 9 : PIE Quarterback  0802, a 1-31-20 son of PIE Quarterback 789, to Gifford Leu,  Sutherland, NE, for $10,000

Top Heifer Calves:

Lot 74:  PIE Tilly 1272, a 2-21-21 daughter of Red MRLA Resource 137E, to Buffalo Creek Red Angus, Iowa Park, TX,  and Berwald Red Angus, Toronto, SD, for $75,000

Lot 75:  PIE Brandy 113, a 1-25-20 daughter of PIE Quarterback 789 to Ray Dowd, Scott City, KS, for $36,000

Lot 77: PIE Ms Pride 1116, a 2-6-20 daughter of KJL/CLZB Complete 7000E, to Hansine Ranch, Pierre, SD, for $18,000

Top Bred Heifers:

Lot 81: PIE Janet 0179, a 2-16-20 daughter of PIE Quarterback  789, bred to LSF Identity  0295H, to Kelly Daniels, Winterset, IA, for $24,000

Lot 85: TKS Stormy 0436, a 3-11-20 daughter of PIE Quarterback 789, bred to LSF Identity 0295H, Camiel Blomme, Brooklyn, IA, for $16,000

Top Bred Cows:

Lot 130: PIE Scarlet 4247, a 3-14-14 daughter of PIE Cutting Edge 2046, bred to Brown CRSB Confidence G1410, to Buffalo Creek Red Angus, Iowa Park, TX, for $19,500

Lot 132: PIE Polly 874, a 1-30-18 daughter of RREDS Seneca 731C, bred to KJL/CLZB Complete 7000E, to Matt Fantaskey, Worland, WY, for $15,000

Top  Quarter horse Geldings:

Lot 1H: SG Sapa  Mac Charger, a  5-7-17  Blue Roan Gelding, to Mark Burchfield,  Cody, NE, for $15,250

Lot 3H: TT Sprats Smokin Gun, a 7-5-13 Grullo Gelding to Shy Olson, TX, for $12,500

Lot 6H: PR Dynas Traffic Guy, a 5-4-19 Buckskin Gelding, to Jim Wilson Thermopolis, WY, for $12,000

Top Drafts Bred Commercial Heifers:

20 head AI bred to 9 Mile Franchise, to calf 2-12-22 @ $2,700

10 head  AI  bred to 9 Mile Franchise, to calf 2-12-22  @ $2,450

Lot 1
Lot 74
Lot 81
Lot 1 horse.

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