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Ponca Creek Cattle Co. Angus Bull Sale

Lot 9, Ponca Creek Whitman 807, a 2/6/08 son of Connealy Whitman, sold to Brandon Zeisler of St. Charles, SD for $6,300.

Zeisler also purchased Lot 19, Ponca Creek Whispering Wind 891, a 3/12/08 son of Mogck Whispering Wind 584, for $5,000.

Lot 26, Ponca Creek 6106 801, a 2/1/08 son of Connealy 6106 746 848, sold to Todd Boettcher of Spencer, NE for $4,500.

Lot 4, Ponca Creek Final Answer 822, a 2/10/08 son of SAV Final Answer 0035, sold to Justin Derner of Cheyenne, WY for $4,000.

Lot 15, Ponca Creek New Day 863, a 2/19/08 son of Boyd New Day 8005, sold to Bruns Angus of Madison, SD for $3,900.

Lot 64, Ponca Creek Gammer 827, and Lot 68, Ponca Creek Dora 867, were the top selling registered heifers. Both went to Bruhn Angus Farm of Mapleton, IA for $1,400.

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