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Powder River Angus Annual Bull Sale

Bill and Will Parks of Weston, Wyo.

Date: Feb. 15, 2014

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction Buffalo, Wyo.

Auctioneer: Mark McNamee

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


141 yearling Angus bulls averaged $4,665

What a pleasure it was to attend the Powder River Angus Annual Bull Sale in Buffalo, Wyo. Neal and Amanda Sorenson are not only expert cattle producers but also excellent hosts who have a caring spirit for everyone from the mass bull buyer to the traveling ringman. Also joining the sale lineup was Rafter T Angus, Kale and Kim Kretschman, who were also welcoming and very grateful for all who attended. The traveling conditions were a bit slick but by judging the full house it seemed nothing could keep even the most skeptical traveler homebound. Quality definitely showed up in quantity as all but one bull found a home on sale day! A true testament to both programs who focus on female quality, efficiency on native range, and their all around do-ability. Congratulations on both families on a successful bull sale. Here is the cream off the top:

Bull 3251, PRA Game Day 3251, sold to the Paint Rock Ranch for $9,500. This GDAR Game Day 449 son has EPDs of BW -0.6, WW 46, YW 88, and Milk 26 complimented with actual birth and 205 weights of 78 pounds and 735 pounds.

Bull 3139 sold for a close second of $9,000 to Bradley DeVries of Platte, S.D. PRA Onward 3139 is a Sitz Onward 496R son with actual birth and 205 weights of 84 pounds and 840 pounds. His EPDs are BW 1.5, WW 53, YW 92, and Milk 26.

Bull 323, also purchased by Bradley DeVries, sold for $8,500. PRA Windy 323 is a son of Apex Windy 078 posting EPDs of BW 3.2, WW 65, YW 105, and Milk 35. This bull had actual birth and 205 weights at 86 pounds and 755 pounds.

Bull 3114, PRA Kodiak 3114, also sold for $8,500 to Balleck Livestock of Buffalo, Wyo. This Soo Line Kodiak 1049 son has EPDs of BW 3.6, WW 52, YW 90, and Milk 22 while his actual birth and 205 weights were 88 pounds and 783 pounds.

Bull 3176, PRA Game Day 3176, sold for $8,000 also to Balleck Livestock. This GDAR Game Day 449 son had actual birth and 205 weights of 74 pounds and 736 pounds complimenting EPDs of BW -1.2, WW 48, YW 84, and Milk 28.

Bull 3230 also sold for $8,000 to Crockett Cattle Co. of Recluse, Wyo. PRA Bandwagon 3230 is a LT Bandwagon 3105 son who posted EPDs of BW 1.3, WW 45, YW 77, and Milk 36 while his actual birth and 205 weights were 78 pounds and 714 pounds.

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