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Powder River Angus Bull Sale

A near capacity crowd braved bitterly cold temperatures for the annual Powder River Angus Bull Sale Jan. 23 in Buffalo, WY.

Powder River Angus hosted their annual bull sale at the Buffalo Livestock Auction in Buffalo, WY on Jan. 23, 2010. Though the weather was bitterly cold with a brisk wind, there was a near capacity crowd of buyers and spectators on hand to watch and bid on a very nice, functional set of bulls. Neal and Amanda Sorenson are both fifth generation ranchers and their two young boys, Cole and Chance, are destined to be the next generation in the ranching business.

Joining the Sorenson’s in the sale was Kale and Kim Kretschman of Rafter T Angus, another young up-and-coming Angus family. Their bulls complimented the Powder River Angus bulls very well. They were moderate framed, easy fleshing and very eye appealing.

The bulls in the sale were in great sale condition, not green but not overfed either. The area around Spotted Horse, WY, where the bulls came from, was hit hard by grasshoppers this summer and had to survive on what the hoppers left over. It was very evident on sale day that good genetics and good management can take up the slack when mother nature has other plans.

Topping the sale was Lot 919, PRA Hero 914, a 1/30/09 bull sired by Hero 6267 of RR 2418 out of a dam. This bull has EPDs of BW 1.2, WW 48, Milk 27, YW 71 with a 39 cm scrotal. He sold to Foos Angus of Nisland, SD for $4,500.

Lot 973, PRA CMW 973, was the next top selling bull at $4,000 to Todd Kaisler of Savery, WY. He is a 2/7/09 son of Crook Mt. Really Windy 141 and out of a Paintrock Alliance 62-3 cow. This bull posted EPDs of BW 1.5, WW 52, Milk 21 and YW 77.

Lot 900, PRA Final Answer 900, a 1/26/09 bull sired by SAV Final Answer 0035 sold to Rex Brown of Weston, WY for $3,750. This bull is out of a Connealy Front Page daughter and has EPDs of BW -0.4, WW 54, Milk 24 and YW 88.

Lot 957, PRA Final Answer 957, a 2/4/09 bull by SAV Final Answer 0035 also sold at $3,750. This bull is out of a Marcys 04 Blaze 5 daughter and has EPDs of BW 1.0, WW 55, Milk 20 and YW 94. Kenny Knudson of Arvada, WY was the buyer.

Four bulls sold for $3,500:

Lot 927, PRA Final Answer, a 2/1/09 Final Answer son sold to Rex Brown of Weston.

Lot 976, PRA CMW 976, a 2/7/09 Crook Mt. Really Windy son sold to Marlin Geier of Osage, WY.

Lot 9155, PRA Windy 9155, a 2/17/09 AAR Really Windy son sold to Donald and Mary Jo Joslyn of Gillette, WY.

Lot 9215, PRA 878 9215, a 2/22/09 Sitz TR New Design 519P son sold to Jesse Wedig of Belmont, WI.

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