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Powell Research and Extension Center field day tours show what works, what doesn’t

Crop research and a field demonstration of a GPS guidance system are part of field day at the Powell Research and Extension Center (PREC) Thursday, July 17.

The events are 9 a.m. to noon. Lunch is provided following the tour.

“We have an exciting program,” said Abdel Mesbah, director of PREC. “The purpose of the field day is to bring farmers, ranchers, industry people, extension educators and University of Wyoming researchers together to visit and interact with each other, share ideas and opinions about different cultural practices.”

Farmers and ranchers will have a chance to ask questions and get answers one-on-one, said Mesbah. “‘Seeing is believing’ is another purpose of the field day, during which everybody will have the opportunity to visit the ongoing research plots and see first-hand what does work and what does not,” he said.

The schedule includes:

8 a.m. – Registration, doughnuts and coffee. Visit foliar applied micronutrient and GPS guidance system booths.

9 a.m. – Welcome and introductions: Mesbah; Frank Galey, dean, UW College of Agriculture; Stephen D. Miller, associate dean and director, UW Agricultural Experiment Station.

9:30 a.m. – Tour of PREC research plots:

* Small grain (variety trials, weed control, fertility and irrigation)

* Roundup Ready sugar beets (weed control, cultivation and fertility trails)

* Roundup Ready corn (silage and grain productions)

* Alternative crops (sunflower, flax, sainfoin and prairie coneflower seed productions)

* Foliar applied nutrient trials (corn, sugar beet, malt barley and dry beans)

*Biodiesel crop production (canola and brown mustard)

*GPS guidance system (field demonstrations)

The center is approximately 1.7 miles north of Powell on Highway 295 off U.S. 14A.


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