Property rights symposium May 20-21, Utah |

Property rights symposium May 20-21, Utah

How prepared are we to embrace property rights protections envisioned by our founders? There are a growing number of people who are vocal and steadfast in support. What do students, the next generation of leaders, think they can do to protect these individual rights that helped build and make our country the land of opportunity.

The first annual Range Rights and Resource Symposium is set for Layton, UT at the Davis Conference Center May 20-21, 2016. Event organizers want to hear from “students” about property rights. Regardless of which side of the property rights debate you are on, we are seeking your opinion on the issue in the form of a 1- minute video submission.

Every student who submits a video will receive a scholarship that waives the $125 registration fee for the symposium. The top three videos will be presented at the symposium. All three finalists will have their travel and lodging expenses covered for the event.

This symposium promises to provide healthy dialogue and discussion about the needs, ecologically and economically, for proper management of these resources. The truth of the matter is that our nation’s resources, including beef from grazing animals, lumber from timber, energy from mining or hunting from wildlife, need proper management whether on land owned by the Government or deeded property owned by individuals.

The presenters at the Symposium include experts from across the nation such as Angus McIntosh, Ramona Hage Morrison, Terry Padilla, Bruce Vincent and Fred Kelly Grant plus many more. Waddie Mitchell, wildly popular cowboy poet, will entertain folks Friday evening at a relaxed social gathering.

One of the highlights will certainly be the May 20 appearance and presentation from U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz UT., who will share the latest on his request for EPA director Gina McCarty to resign in addition to his proposed bill to remove the law enforcement arm of the BLM and U.S. Forest Service. He will remind attendees that he believes the ultimate law enforcement official is the local county sheriff.

More details about topics and presenters as well as student scholarship opportunities can be found online at

–Protect the Harvest

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