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Puerto Ricans: the Opportunity of Employment at Midwest

South Dakota agriculture producers will have an opportunity to learn more about Upper Midwest Puerto Rico Collaboration Project and connecting with future employees during the 2017 Central Plains Dairy Expo held in Sioux Falls at the Sanford Premier Center Complex.

The Upper Midwest Puerto Rico Collaboration Project orientation workshops take place March 29th, 10:30 a.m. to noon and March 30th, 11 a.m. to noon. The workshop are in room 12.

“This is one way SDSU Extension is assisting South Dakota’s agriculture producers fill a current labor shortage in the dairy industry by connecting them with potential Puerto Rican employees,” explained Maristela Rovai, SDSU Assistant Professor / Extension Dairy Specialist. “We would like to help our producers succeed, maintain a safe work environment, and impact future generations.”

Puerto Ricans are natural U.S. citizens; however, there is a recruiting process with the Puerto Rican Department of Labor. This process will be discussed during the March 29 and 30 workshops.

“South Dakota’s local communities depend on the economic support from the farmers and their allied industries,” Rovai said. “South Dakotans’ rely on producers for a safe and affordable food supply while dairies rely on a long-term committed workforce.”

This program initiative was sponsored by the South Dakota Community Foundation.

–SDSU Extension

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