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Pulse seeds may be submitted to MSU lab for disease testing

BOZEMAN – Montana State University’s new Regional Pulse Crop Diagnostic Laboratory in Bozeman offers several diagnostic tests on seed samples to check for pulse crop diseases.

The tests cost $200 per sample and screen for seven important fungal diseases of pulse crops, which include ascochyta blight, anthracnose, fusarium wilt, botrytis, gray mold, and stemphylium blight. Another test, known as the smart package, costs $400 per sample and includes the seven fungal diseases and two virus tests: Pea seedborne mosaic virus (PSbMV) and Pea enation mosaic virus (PEMV).

The laboratory collaborates with the Montana State University Seed Laboratory to provide the diagnostic tests. According to Bright Agindotan, a research assistant professor with the laboratory, testing can take three to four weeks to perform, results are not instantaneous and large sample volumes in the spring create delays. Agindotan recommends sending seed samples for pathogen testing this fall in order to avoid delays.

For more information on these tests and other available tests (bacterial blight, stem nematode, aster yellows phytoplasma, and other seedborne viruses), visit http://plantsciences.montana.edu/pulsecropdiagnosticlab/.

For sample submission instructions and forms, visit the laboratory’s website at http://plantsciences.montana.edu/seedlab/ or call 406-994-2141.

Seed samples should be sent via FedEx or UPS to:

Montana State Seed Testing Lab

1911 W. Lincoln St.

Marsh Labs; Room 40

Bozeman, MT 59718

Or, through USPS:

Montana State Seed Testing Lab

PO Box 173145

Bozeman, MT 59717-3145

–MSU News Service