Quick Tip: Help Reduce Calf Pneumonia Risks and The Hidden Costs

The most common cause of death in calves before weaning is respiratory disease. Are your calves protected against respiratory disease challenges?

Once a calf becomes infected with respiratory disease, the damage is done, and the impact from disease will follow the animal into the next stage of production. For producers, it is important to understand the financial impact of young calf respiratory disease.

“When we think about respiratory disease in calves, we often forget about the [financial] impact other than just the antibiotic treatment,” said Mark Alley, DVM, veterinarian with Beef Technical Services at Zoetis.

3 hidden costs of calf respiratory disease:

Ø Reduced calf weaning weights by up to 35 pounds

Ø Lost feed efficiency while nursing, as well as in the next production stage

Ø Incurred labor costs to treat and re-treat calves

Used concurrently, Inforce 3® and One Shot ® BVD work quickly to combat harmful bovine respiratory disease (BRD) pathogens and give calves a healthy start by providing a rapid and complete immune response.

For Laurie Johnson, a cow/calf producer in northeastern South Dakota, getting ahead of the problem with a successful vaccination program is their key to success.

“We don’t really have a lot of health challenges because we’re upfront and we’re preventing them,” Johnson said. “We’re pretty particular about our vaccine program and we work really hard to make sure we don’t have any health issues we have to treat.”

Work with your veterinarian to develop the best program to help reduce respiratory challenges. For more information, visit