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R-CALF officers, new directors elected

The R-CALF USA Board of Directors has unanimously elected Missouri veterinarian Max Thornsberry to another two-year term as president of the board, with Thornsberry himself abstaining. R-CALF USA Region IX Director George Chambers of Carrollton, GA was unanimously elected as vice president of the board.

Also, members, via mail-in ballot, elected directors for each of R-CALF USA Regions I, II and III.

Maxine Korman, a rancher from Montana, was elected to fill the position of R-CALF USA Region I Director, which includes the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Her term will run three years.

Dr. Taylor Haynes, a rancher from Wyoming, was elected to fill the position of R-CALF USA Region II Director, which includes the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. His term also will run three years.

Johnny Smith, a rancher and auction yard owner from South Dakota, was re-elected to a second term as director of R-CALF USA Region III, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. His term runs for three years, and due to term limits, Smith will have to step down for at least one term when his current service expires in 2012.

“We congratulate each one of these individuals and we look forward to their leadership as R-CALF continues to successfully implement its member-developed policies, which are slowly but surely reshaping the U.S. cattle industry for the benefit of independent U.S. cattle producers,” said R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard. “These positions are extremely demanding, and all directors and officers are unpaid volunteers who devote untold hours of their time to further the interests of independent producers within the U.S. live cattle industry.”

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