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Ranch Life Ranch Wife…Christmas Addition

The Cowboy Pastor's Wife Norma Elliott

A while back I wrote an article, 10 Things Ranch Women Do That Other Women Don’t and it made me realize some of the glorious things about ranch life that are unique to us and some of the not so glamourous things we encounter in our line of work. So back by popular demand, I just made that up…no one is hanging outside my gate with signs…”Bring Back Ranch Wife Things” but a girl way out in the middle of nowhere can dream right? I have decided to take another look at the things ranch women do and add in a few things pertaining to this most wonderful time of year.

10 Things Ranch Women Do That Other Women Don’t

…..Christmas Addition

1. Love a ranch dog like one of her kids and has bought one for a Christmas gift for her husband

2. Owns work gloves that more than likely are in one of the feed trucks and are in desperate need of sanitizing. Calf blood from one you helped pull last January and Buzzard guts from the bloated guy you fished from the stock tank in June. Guess I better go find them, I’ve got firewood to load.

3. Wrap presents in feed sacks..because it’s handy, and cost nothing….that’s a lie! We make darn sure we squeeze every penny out of the feed bill. Have you ever seen a feed sack look more festive?

4. Has broken ice in water troughs. Now, it looks so pretty in pictures, nothing as clean as snow to make even the ranch dump ground look like Silver Bells, and Tin…sel town but we all know it’s no Wonderland out there when the feed truck heater has nothing to give, Scrooge! It’s layers and gloves and wildrags and frozen fingers, runny noses and a thermos full of hot coffee to get you through.

5. She has some kind of tack on her Christmas list

6. Has witnessed a calf or colt born in December

7. They do brave things…like keep the mad cow from barreling through the gate. I might add here, that cow’s attitude has rubbed off on all of us and the current mood is not Jingle Bells and Fa..La..La’s

8. They include the parts store as one of their stops while out shopping. No doubt by time she get there, the greasy part has rolled out of it’s shop rag and unto the floor. She scambles to reach for it under the seat while driving to town. The greasy thing now has layers of dirt, cheetos, and something else you don’t want to think about. Kind of reminds your favorite Uncle Tom who will show up for Christmas dinner, you secretly like that he smells like wool and the parts store.

9. She has hauled something up a windmill tower that her husband dropped. It’s usually a screw or bolt and he’s pointing from the top of the tower to where it dropped and you are scurring about like a squirrel looking for the last nut of Winter. All the while, he’s yelling … “It’s there by your left foot.” “Thanks Hon and remember you’re helping me hang lights later!”

10. They’ve heard their husbands use cows to medically describe whatever physical ailment they may be going thru. “You see babe, when a cow is in her gestation period she usually experiences…..”

We don’t know if Joseph used cow analogies when visiting with Mary on that very special trip. Somehow it makes me wonder if we shared those similar commonalities. I can just see Mary saying, “Quit comparing me to a cow!”

We do know however that on one glorious night, A Savior was born in the most humble way so even we could experience the richness of His inheritance. Ranch wife or not, whether it’s a glorious day or a not so glamorous one we know this truth….

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6 NIV

What other ranch wife ranch life things do you experience this time of year? I always love hearing from you and appreciate your comments. Thank you for reading….thecowboypastorswife

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