Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming host Ranch Rodeo |

Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming host Ranch Rodeo

Photo courtesy ICOW

ICOW (Independent Cattlemen of Wyoming) held their 2019 Ranch Rodeo, July 27, 2019, in Wheatland, Wyoming. There was a large turn out to hear 11-year old Addie Harvey sing the National Anthem and watch the exciting action. Wesley Rosengreen won the bronc riding, out of 15 competitors. The top bucking horse came from Larry Lampert. The Kid’s Goat Tying Ribbon Pull for younger contestants, aged 5-8, was won by Kash Keller. In the 9-12 age group, the event was won by Ariana Edwards. With a top score from a combination of Mad Scramble and Trailer Loading, the Wyoming Bank and Trust team earned first place. For the Mad Scramble, team members had to rope a calf and “vaccinate” (mark) it with a grease stick, “brand” a yearling steer with paint, and rope a cow to be milked enough that it poured out of the bottle, all done in the fastest time. For the Trailer Loading, team members had to sort out their designated steer from the herd, rope it, and load it into a trailer in the middle of the arena, along with two horses. Finally, two members of the team had to run to the front of the truck and touch the hood before time was called after the animals were loaded.

ICOW’s next major public events are the national R-CALF meeting in Deadwood, South Dakota, August 15-16, and ICOW’s annual meeting in November, in Casper. Top speakers from around the country will be at both meetings. The annual meeting in Casper will include well known Dr. Angus McIntosh and Jolene Brown.

–Independent Cattle Organization of Wyoming

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