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Ranching for Profit seminar in Belle Fourche, Dec. 14-15

The South Dakota Grasslands Coalition invites everyone to an event in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Dave Pratt’s “Intro to Ranching for Profit” and “New Ways to Think About Your Business,” educational seminar will be at the Branding Iron Banquet Room.

Pratt will discuss:

• Three secrets for increasing profit: “Do you own a business or a job?”

• How ideas fly

• Hard work and harmony

• Workin’ through ranch problems

The event will be free to South Dakota Grasslands Coalition members. The cost for non-members is $30 which includes a one-year coalition membership.

Dave Pratt is one of the most sought-after speakers and respected authorities on sustainable ranching in North America. His programs, which include the Ranching for Profit School and Executive Link, have benefited thousands of families and millions of acres. He has researched management intensive grazing and strategic issues impacting the profitability of ranches. Dave is dedicated to helping people transform their farms and ranches into sustainable businesses.

For more information on Dave Pratt visit http://www.ranchmanagement.com.

RSVP by Dec. 8 to Judge Jessop at 605-280-0127 or judge.jessop@sdconservation.net

The Branding Iron is located at 19079 US Hwy 85 Belle Fourche, SD.

–South Dakota Grasslands Coalition