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Ranger – The Little Horse With The Big Heart

Christy Wood relates a true story of one horse’s lifetime beginning with foaling, moving through a meaningful life and lastly, the finality of an emotional parting when at 32 years of age, Ranger passes on to horse heaven to join some of his old pasture mates.

The true story is brought to life and narrated in the horse’s own words. Ranger tells us how his life was blessed when Christy came into his world. His story unfolds as he tells of his relationship with Christy and how, with her help, he was able to serve her and many of her students to learn the ways of the horse. For over 30 years, Ranger played a major role in Christy’s career. Christy Wood’s book, Ranger, creates a new and exciting twist to the horse and owner relationship. If you own a horse or just wish you did, Ranger is an illustrated book that you are sure to enjoy. F

–Horseman’s Press

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