RASDak Offers Opportunity to Share Beef Story

PIERRE, SD – Cyclists from 24 states and Canada traveled from Flandreau, SD to Hulette, WY June 3rd -9th as Ride Across South Dakota (RASDak) journeyed through cattle country. Tuesday, June 5th offered a quick stop in Fort Pierre for the over one hundred-fifty cyclists providing a chance to explore the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center and enjoy a beef meal sponsored by the South Dakota Beef Industry Council.

Kasey Abbott, RASDak tour director and president, said it’s important that people know where their beef comes from. This race provides an opportunity for the consumers to interact with the ranching community across the state.

“They’re going on the grassland and seeing that land has a productive use. A lot of that land shouldn’t be put into farm ground, but it can be grazed. When you’re on a bicycle you’re going 15-20 miles per hour as opposed to going down the interstate at eighty,” Abbott stated. “So, you see where the beef you enjoy comes from and you meet the producers. I think it helps the industry, so we hope we’re making a small difference in promoting the beef industry and those individual producers.”

RASDak provides opportunities for Team BEEF SD members to showcase the nutrients; including beef’s powerful protein that helps propel them in their ride across the state. Team BEEF members advocate and promote beef by visiting with fellow riders about its value and importance while at the same time sporting the red Team BEEF SD jerseys.

Jerky is also catered along the trip by the South Dakota Cattlewomen and Abbott says it’s very popular among the cyclists. “When you’re biking 70 miles, especially when you’ve been fighting the heat and the wind the last few days, you have to refuel and beef is a key part of that.”

For more information about Team Beef SD visit or contact Team Beef SD Coordinator, Holly Swee

–South Dakota Beef Industry Council