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Ratchet up the competition

Jayde (Atkins) Trump trains horse to win in multiple venues

By Kaycee Monnens for Tri-State Livestock News
Jae Bar Aurorae, aka "Ratchet", does it all. Jayde Trump's horse finished in the top five at both the CNFR and the Art of the Cowgirl Open Bridle Horse–all in one week. Kristen Schurr Photography

Jayde (Atkins) Trump is a cowgirl who does it all, and it is no wonder that her horses have the same dexterity. Her mare, “Ratchet” (Jae Bar Aurorae), placed in the top five in both the Art of the Cowgirl Open Bridle Horse and the College National Finals Breakaway Roping––all in the same week.

Trump, the 2016 National High School Finals Rodeo All-Around Cowgirl, trained and finished Ratchet herself. “My mom and dad always said, ‘You have to go to college. You can’t just be a horse trainer,’ and yet, they raised me to be a horse trainer,” she laughs. “I’ve done this since I can remember.”

Trump, along with her parents, J.B. and Sonya Atkins, based near Broken Bow, Nebraska, put a cow horse foundation on everything. The level of “brokeness” needed to perform reined cow horse easily translates into other events.

Trump trained and futuritied Ratchet in barrel racing, then let her mature into other areas. “I ranched on her for a year and a half. I think that’s one of the reasons she’s as good as she is,” she said. She then sent her to Patrick Martin to be started in tie-down roping, which would come in handy sooner rather than later.

Ratchet was Trump’s backup horse during her college rodeo career, but soon had to step up in a big way. Not only was Trump’s good breakaway horse injured, but also her good barrel horse. In one spring season, Ratchet competed in the heading, barrel racing, and breakaway roping. “She’s one of those horses that you don’t think, ‘Wow. This is a phenomenal athlete.’ But she does it all. She’s easy, mentally great, and shows up when you need her to,” Trump said.

Ratchet was purchased from the J Bar D Ranch in Geneva, Nebraska, who owned Docks Jack Sprat, a successful cutting stallion, in the 1980s. The Atkins family buys many prospects from the ranch because they appreciate their great minds and functionality.

While attending the WEST Institute, a Bible College in Laramie, Wyoming during 2019-2020, Jayde leased Ratchet to Cody Darnell in Texas. “He needed an extra horse. He was trying to pro rodeo and college rodeo. It worked both ways: my horse got ridden, and he got a project to ride.”

On August 15, 2020, Jayde married Cody Trump, who trains horses alongside her. “We both have full-time jobs, so training horses is our full-time side job,” Trump says. Jayde is a legal secretary and Cody is a personal banker.

After a year and a half without riding Ratchet, Jayde hopped on her for five events in the 2020 Ethel Witcher Memorial Iron Cowgirl, and won the Superhorse award.

This caused Trump to seriously consider selling Ratchet, due to her busy life and inability to use her to her full potential. About the same time, an old college teammate was looking for a breakaway horse to lease, so Brianna Williams competed on Ratchet for the rodeo season of 2020-2021.

Williams, a Buffalo, South Dakota native, qualified for her first CNFR, among three other women representing Chadron State College. She roped four calves to ultimately bring home an impressive fourth place finish in Casper.

“It’s just cool to see somebody else on your horse doing well,” Trump says. “I’d love to do it too, but if somebody else can, I’m just as happy.”

After being home for a day after the CNFR, Ratchet traveled to Bozeman, Montana for the Art of the Cowgirl, where she competed in the Open Breakaway and the Open Bridle Horse. Unique to AOTC, there was a trail course and roping alongside the reining and cow work. “It made it more realistic with the trail course and roping. It makes it a little more practical. You get to see handy girls on handy horses that may not win at the [AQHA] World Show in the Cow Horse,” Trump says.

Ratchet placed fifth overall, without ever having competed in the event before. “I’ve never taken her down the fence, ever. She always impresses me,” she says. What’s more, Trump won the Open Bridle Horse on another horse she started and finished, called “Silverado.”

“There’s something about riding a horse that you trained yourself doing well. God is good, all the time, in the highs and the lows,” she says. This win qualified them to the World’s Greatest Horsewoman competition, historically held at Corona Ranch, Arizona at January’s Art of the Cowgirl.

Though Trump is very pleased with Ratchet, her recent successes have not altered the decision to put her on the market to be purchased by someone that has the time to compete as the horse deserves. “That’s the horse trainer in me,” she says. “I like to compete on them, but I like making them more.”

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