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Raven Angus Annual Sale

Dale Krumpus

Date: Feb. 27, 2014

Location: at the ranch, east of Colome, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek, Scott Dirk and Susan Cable


105 ylg. bulls: $6,960

35 two-yr-old bulls: $5,229

60 commercial yrlg heifers: $1,518

Pick of the Raven heifers: $ 17,500

This program only continues to grow! It has been close to my heart to watch this program develop as R.J. and Reed Petersek were still in school when I attended Ray’s and Rod’s sale for the first time.

These young Petersek men are excited about their cattle and the potential for further growth. This year’s sale looked like a who’s who in the Angus business as many breeders came to evaluate this good set of bulls.

Much of this year’s sale was centered around their herd bull, PA Power Tool 9108 as he has gained national attention. There was a packed crowd on hand at the start of the sale on this very cold day!

The Petersek’s also offered a choice of their 2013 registered heifer calves, and she sold for $17,500 to the Simon Cattle Co., Farley, Iowa.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 2, selling for $23,000 to the Simon Cattle Co., Farley, Iowa. Here was Raven Power Tool 533, a son of PA Power Tool 9108, and out of a daughter of CAR Efficient 534 who has a nursing ratio of 2 @ 110. With a 78 lb. birth weight, he weaned at 850 lb. and posted a yearling weight of 1,394 lb. His REA of 14.4 sq. in. complimented an IMF of 6.17 percent. His EPDs were CED 14, BW -0.5, WW 71, YW 118, MILK 42, MARB 1.17, RE 0.5, and $B 97.96.

Lot 35 sold for $19,000 to Todd Novotny, Winner, S.D. This son of AAR Ten X 7008 SA was out of a daughter of TC Total 8160. Born at 78 lb., he weaned at 822 lb., and had a yearling weight of 1,400 lb. With an IMF of 5.9 percent, he had a REA of 16 sq. in. His EPDs were BW 2, WW 63, YW 115, MILK 29, and $B 118.42.

Other high selling lots:

Lot 82 – $18,000 to Chad Ludemann, Springview, Neb. – S Chisum 6175 x Woodhill Admiral 77K

Lot 84 – $16,000 to Deep Creek Angus, Midland, S.D. – S Chisum 6175 x Woodhill Admiral 77K

Lot 81 – $14,000 to Chad Ludemann, Springview, Neb. – S Chisum 6175 x Woodhill Admiral 77K

Lot 34 – $13,500 to Hanneken Angus, Royalton, Minn. – AAR Ten X 7008 SA x GAR Retail Product

Lot 89 – $13,500 to Gary Ludemann, Springview, Neb. – S Chisum 6175 x Mytty Precision R239

Lot 33 – $12,500 to Howard Schmidt, Mission, S.D. – AAR Ten X 7008 SA x CHR Efficient 534

Lot 3 – $12,000 to Sitz Angus, Dillon, Mont. – PA Power Tool 9108 x Hoover Dam.

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