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Reader appreciation

I want to compliment you on your wonderful Tri-State Livestock News (TSLN) paper. I have been in the beef cow-calf and feeding cattle business on my Wapsipinicon River Ranch 67 years as of December 1. All my years, I have never had a better paper than TSLN. Every week I read all the sale ads and sale barn prices. Thank you very kindly for putting together such a wonderful paper.

I have my cows leased out now at Baker Herefords, Rausch Herefords and an all black herd with James McCord in Whitelake, SD. Also, I have four cowherds leased out in northern Iowa. In past years, I’ve had a large herd of beef cows leased out with Dennis Smith at Stevensville, MT, and also a large herd with Butch and Jodi White in Banner/Douglas, WY. Also, a herd with Largent Herefords by Kaycee, WY. I have shipped fat cattle on the train to the Old Chicago Stockyards twice. I have sold fat cattle as low as $14 per hundredweight in Chicago. On Feb. 1, 2011, I shipped fat cattle, pound cows and pound for 60 years in a row to Central Livestock. I cannot believe how high these cattle have gotten.

In all my partnership cow-calf leases, I work free. I wish there was a lot more ranchers and cattle feeders who would subscribe to TSLN.

Thank you kindly.

Marv F. Fisher

Riceville, IA