Reading on the Ranch |

Reading on the Ranch

Reading isn’t so exciting to kids who’d rather be doing. Especially if the things they have to read about don’t especially interest them. For ranch kids, finding books that they can relate, and aspire to, isn’t always easy. A lot of farm and ranch books are written for city kids, and mostly prompt eyerolls from kids who have known the difference between a swather and combine since they were 2 years old.

But there are some folks writing for farm and ranch kids, who create adventures for kids who don’t think twice about manure on their boots, and understand EPDs better than times tables. 

Here’s an Amazon wishlist and a gallery of books our editors and writers have put together (some of these books are written by our editors and writers), for those kids. We encourage you to work directly with the authors to purchase books, but however you want to support people writing for ranch kids, is fine in our book.

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