Redland Angus: Total Performance – Range Calved-Range Raised |

Redland Angus: Total Performance – Range Calved-Range Raised

The Burch family of Alzada, Mont.

Date: Nov. 23, 2013


147 Bulls – $6,200

60 Bred Heifers – $2,330

44 Bred Commercial Females – $2,750

The Redland program has been molded and bred to match their motto of “range calved and range raised.” These cattle can thrive and flourish on grass alone, with no supplemental feed. The cows calve out on the range. The more efficient a cow herd is at converting roughage, the greater the potential for reducing input costs which, in turn, increases profitability.

Redland Angus, owned by Kendrick and Sharon Redland, hosted a huge crowd for their annual fall production sale. Many of the bulls had seven or eight bidders aggressively bidding for the right to own and use these animals in their herds. Along with their very loyal customers who seek these bulls each year, seats were occupied by cattlemen seeking to purchase their first Redland bull.

A very fast-paced sale took place, staying solid to the very end. The commercial female sale was also very strong this year. Featured sire groups this year included GDAR Game Day 449, OCC Emblazen 854#, OCC Paxton 730P, and GDAR Oscar 734. The highest selling bulls were out of Redland Traveler 0930 3456, going back to Sitz Traveler 0930.

The top-selling bull of the day was lot 1, Redland Traveler 432, selling to Andrus Ranch in Idaho for $12,000. This 2-year-old was a son of Redland Traveler 0930 and was out of a daughter of OCC Missing Link 830M, and the Erica female line. Born at 89 pounds, he weaned at 757 pounds with a ribeye area of 13.80 square inches. His EPDs included CED 2, CEM 3, BW 3.5, WW 55, MILK 20, and YW 92.

Other high sellers included lots 25 and 12 at $10,500 each, both selling to Pankratz Ranch out in Montana. Lot 25, Redland Traveler 1432, also a son of Redland Traveler 0930, was out of a Papa Forte 1921 daughter. His EPDs included CED 7, CEM 9, BW 2.3, WW 45, MILK 16, and YW 81. This 2-year-old was born at 62 pounds, and weaned at 728 pounds, with a marbling score of 5.40.

Lot 12, Redland Traveler 542, another 2-year-old bull, was out of Redland Traveler 0930 and a daughter of OCC Napolean 649N. Born at 73 pounds, he weaned at 736 pounds, with a marbling score of 5.10. His EPDs were CED 8, CEM 7, BW 1.1, WW 54, MILK 16, and YW 93.

Also from Montana, Nixon Ranch lined up to buy a pair of yearling bulls with similar genetics and performance data in lots 45 and 47. These bulls sold for $10,000 each, and were out of Redland Traveler 0930 and out of daughters of OCC Emblazon 854E#. Lot 45 had EPDs of CED 6, CEM 8, BW 2.1, WW 58, MILK 14, and YW 90. He was born at 78 pounds, weaned at 706 pounds, and had a ribeye area of 12.50 square inches. Lot 47 had EPDs of CED 6, CEM 6, BW 1.6, WW 59, MILK 14, and YW 94. He was born at 74 pounds, weaned at 693 pounds, and posted a ribeye area of 13.50 square inches.

This was a great day to be shopping for bulls, or also for some of the excellent females. These young registered purebred Angus females, selling as commercial cows, were bred to well-known sires, and will start to calve the end of February. They were all sold in groups of five or more. They had small teats with good udders, and designed to be easy fleshing cows that are highly efficient and will thrive under harsh conditions to raise big calves by weaning.

Your next opportunity to purchase Redland Angus bulls will be Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014.

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