Redland Angus: Total Performance – Range Calved-Range Raised |

Redland Angus: Total Performance – Range Calved-Range Raised

The Redland program has been molded and bred to match their motto of “range calved and range raised.” These cattle can thrive and flourish on grass alone, with no supplemental feed. The cows calve out on the range.

Redland Angus, owned by Kendrick and Sharon Redland, hosted another big crowd for their annual fall production sale. Through the influence of OCC Emblazon 854 E, the Redlands are closing in on their goals. This year over 130 bulls in the sale carried the Emblazon 854 E influence. Besides the extra fleshing ability, Emblazon does a great job of making good udders on his daughters.

Much of the success of this program comes from the loyalty of their volume customers who come back year after year to lay in these good genetics.

A very fast-paced sale took place, staying solid to the very end. The commercial female sale was also very strong this year, and this was the best bred sale that I’ve seen this fall.

One of the “Co-Top Selling Bulls of the Day” was Lot 19, Redland Emblazon 3118, selling for $7,000 to M Diamond Angus of Glenrock, WY. He was a 6/30/08 son of OCC Emblazon 854 E, and out of a daughter of Redland 9Q4 226. His EPDs were +1.7 BW, +53 WW. +22 MILK, and +86 YW. With a 79 pound birth weight, he weaned at 729 pounds and attained a 365 day weight of 1,087 pounds. A marbling score of 4.00 complimented the REA of 13.50 sq. in.

Lot 21 also sold for $7,000, headed to Fairview Ranch in Montana. Sired by OCC Missing Link 830M, and out of a daughter of Sitz Rainmaker 6169, he had a 68 pound birth weight. He weaned at 716 pounds before achieving a 365 day weight of 1,150 pounds. Range calved out of a two year old heifer, his EPDs were +1.1 BW, +52 WW, +17 MILK, and +92 YW.

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