Redland Black Angus – Headquarters for Range Calved – Range Raised: Calving Ease Genetics |

Redland Black Angus – Headquarters for Range Calved – Range Raised: Calving Ease Genetics

Redland Angus, owned by Kendrick and Sharon Redland, hosted another big crowd for their annual January “calving ease” yearling bull sale. This set of bulls was perhaps the most uniform set of bulls that they have presented. From my viewpoint during the sale, they just all looked alike.

These bulls are bred to provide females to the commercial cattlemen that will be thick, fertile (with good udders) and they will breed back on time. Many of these bulls are second and third generation OCC breeding, and that only makes this range calved, range raised program stronger. The idea is to breed cattle that have low input costs and low labor costs. The tough Wyoming environment that the Redland cattle are raised in, help sort these good genetics.

The weather on sale day was beautiful, and the sale stayed strong – start to finish – with every bull selling. No bulls sold under $2,500. The demand was just that good.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 38, selling for $5,000 to Dan and Julie Ballek from Wyoming. He was a son of OCC Missing Link 830M, and out of a daughter of OCC Emblazon 854E. With a 73 pound birth weight, he weaned at 762 pounds. His current weight was 965 pounds and he had a 12.01 sq. in. rib eye, with a marbling score of 4.8. His EPDs were +11 CED, -0.2 BW, +46 WW, +73 YW and +14 MILK.

Lot 3 sold to repeat buyer Grubbing Hoe Ranch from South Dakota for $4,750. He was Redland Emblazon 639, a son of OCC Emblazon 854E, and out of a daughter of McCumber 6122 Equator 8113. His stats included a birth weight of 75 pounds, a weaning weight of 659 pounds, a 5.5 marbling score, and a REA of 12.7 sq. in. His EPDs are +9 CED, +0.5 BW, +36 WW, +75 YW, and +16 MILK.

Dan and Julie Ballek also bought Lot 65 at $4,750. This son of OCC Restyle 614R was out of a daughter of Sitz Alliance 6595, and weighed 79 pounds at birth. He weaned at 719 pounds, posted a sale day weight of 995 pounds, and scanned a big rib eye of 13.3 sq. in. His marbling score was 5.3. EPDs on this good bull were +9 CED, +0.7 BW, +38 WW, +73 YW, and +20 MILK.

Remember that the noon lunches at the Redland Sale, with the featured grilled brisket sandwiches, are worth driving a long ways. Their annual two-year-old and fall yearling bull sale will be held Nov. 20, 2010, and it includes bred females.

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