Redland Black Angus Range Calved – Range Raised Production Sale |

Redland Black Angus Range Calved – Range Raised Production Sale

Redland Angus hosted another big crowd for their annual fall “range calved – range raised” bull sale. They have staked their breeding program and their reputation on cattle that can thrive and flourish on grass alone, with no supplemental feed. The cows calve out on the range, so low birthweight, easy-fleshing cattle are essential for this program. This sale, consisting of summer yearlings and two-year-old bulls, was again a very fast moving and competitive sale.

Redland Angus is owned by Kendrick and Sharon Redland and their family. They keep a very good relationship with their customers, and a very impressive aspect of each sale is that a high percentage of the bulls sell to repeat buyers.

Commercial cattlemen follow this program in search of cattle that can flourish on range conditions alone. Many of the bulls in the offering carried the genetics of OCC Emblazon 854E.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, Redland Restyle 799. He was an April two-year-old bull sired by OCC Restyle 614R and was out of a daughter of Paramount Ambush 2172. At $7,750, he was headed to the Burchill Angus Ranch in North Dakota. His EPDs were +5 CED, +1.6 BW, +41 WW, +17 MILK, and +72 YW. With a 205-day weight of 808 lbs., he scanned a 14.4 sq. in. ribeye and had a marbling score of 5.40. Posting 1,740 lbs. on sale day, he measured a 40 cm. scrotal.

Abernathy Ranch from Wyoming chose Lot 30, a 6/16/09 son of OCC Emblazon 854. Selling for $7,250, this bull had a 77-lb. birth weight and weaned at 678 lbs. His EPDs were +7 CED, +1.8 BW, +53 WW, +17 MILK, and +84 YW. He weighed in at 1,445 lbs. and posted a 39 cm. scrotal measurement.

Lot 42, a 6/27/09 son of Emblazon, was out of a daughter of Sitz Rainmaker 6169 and sold for $7,250 to the McQuery Ranch out in Nevada. His stats included an 80-lb. birth weight and a weaning weight of 723 lbs. His EPDs were +7 CED, +3.2 BW, +58 WW, +18 MILK, and +93 YW.

The gavel fell at $6,500 with Brenner Angus from Colorado becoming the new owners of Lot 26. This was the lead-off bull in the summer yearling division and was a son of OCC Missing Link 830M. Out of a daughter of Emblazon, he had an 80-lb. birthweight and weaned at 714 lbs. On Nov. 6 he weighed 1,460 lbs.

The commercial sale was especially good with the top draft of black baldy heifers bringing $1,750.

These high-quality bulls attract buyers, but the Redland hospitality and their fantastic barbecued brisket dinner contribute to the satisfaction enjoyed by all who attend. Plan ahead now for their January calving ease yearling bull sale on Saturday Jan. 15, 2011.