Register your foal online with new AQHA application |

Register your foal online with new AQHA application

The American Quarter Horse Association has developed a more efficient way to upload photos when registering your foals online. The online registration application is available for mare owners, at the time of foaling, to log into to start registering foals.

The photo uploading process is now easier to use. Members can simply upload pictures by using the browser and selecting the photograph to upload or by simply dragging and dropping the photo(s) in the window.

Many registration applications AQHA receives by mail are missing very basic information, such as foaling date, coat color, gender and the state in which the foal was born. The online registration process helps to prevent these accidental omissions.

The online registration application has its perks for members. AQHA members who use the online registration application get expedited service on their registration papers. Additionally, the online registration application validates name choices immediately and lets you know if the name you selected is available.

AQHA also encourages users to take a survey at the end of the application to ensure that the Association is providing members with the best possible service.

Simply log into with your AQHA member number and PIN to start registering foals today!

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