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YOUR AD HERE » goes back online, the website at which people file comments on regulation, came back online late Thursday after it was oddly dark for most of Thursday.

Matthew Kent, regulatory policy associate for Public Citizen’s Congress Watch Division, noted in a new release Thursday that the site was not loading and that a message appeared indicating the site would be offline due to a lapse in funding. Later another message said that the site was down due to “systems issues.”

Whether the lapse of funding or technicalities were the issue, Kent added, “Today’s blackout of, the primary online portal through which the public can participate in rulemaking, represents a complete breakdown of the regulatory process due to President Donald Trump’s shutdown.

“The public’s right to comment on agency rulemaking is a foundational legal principle under the Administrative Procedure Act. Without it, there is no mechanism to ensure federal agencies remain accountable to the American people and address the public’s priorities — from health and safety to worker protections to the environment and more.”

Public Citizen also posted screenshots of the two messages.

–The Hagstrom Report

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