Rehberg bill to delist wolves has broad support |

Rehberg bill to delist wolves has broad support

WASHINGTON, DC – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, released the following statement responding to the overwhelming support his legislation is getting from Montanans, in Congress and around the country.

“It would be a shame to reject a good bill that has broad national support just because it’s got my name on it, but it looks like that’s exactly what a few Senators have decided to do,” said Rehberg. “Senator Hatch introduced my companion bill, and Montana’s Senators had an opportunity to support it. I’m happy to look at the wolf legislation they introduced yesterday, although I’ve already heard concerns from stakeholders in Montana that it just doesn’t go far enough. Yesterday, Senator Baucus said, ‘Montanans don’t need D.C. bureaucrats telling us how to manage wolves in our state.’ Wyoming and every other state don’t need D.C. bureaucrats telling them how to manage their wildlife either – that’s why a national approach is so essential. In the mean time, support is snowballing for my comprehensive approach that will finally put this to rest once and for all. If we don’t do this right, we’ll be right back in this situation next year.”

Rehberg’s legislation, the “American Big Game and Livestock Protection Act,” has bipartisan support from twenty six states, especially in the West and Great Lakes region, where wolves have decimated populations of deer, elk and moose, and where livestock depredations are on the rise.

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