Reich Ranch 63rd Annual Charolais Bull Sale |

Reich Ranch 63rd Annual Charolais Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek

Date of Sale: April 9, 2020

Location: Belle Fourche Livestock Auction, Belle Fourche, SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


37 Yearling Charolais Bulls – $3,878

This was a very impressive set of yearling Charolais bulls from Tim and Ree Reich. They were thick, beefy, long bodied and sound, with excellent carcass numbers. Many repeat buyers were represented either in person, on the phone or through proxy bids giving Tim and Ree one of the best sales they have had in recent years.

Top selling bull was lot 13, RR Teton 949P, 3/19 son of SM Teton B1041P, epds CE 2.7 BW 2.5 WW 44 YW 79 Milk 16, weaning ratio 124 yearling ratio 115 with 18.5 adj ribeye/ratio 118. Selling to Wade Harvey, Minot, ND for $6,000.

Lot 8, RR Teton 935P, 3/19 son of SM Teton B1014P, epds CE 1.3 BW 1.7 WW 46 YW 76 Milk 4, weaning ratio 120, yearling ratio 111, with 17.8 adj. ribeye/ratio 114 to Lynn Miller, Faith, SD for $5,250.

Lot 33, RR Super Charge 988P, 3/20 son of Eatons Super Charged 71548P, epds CE 7.3 BW 0.2 WW 39 YW 69 Milk 9, weaning ratio 119, yearling ratio 116, adj. ribeye 15 selling to Bailey Schaneman, Torrington, WY for $4,750.

Lot 34, RR Encounter 998P, 4/19 son of Eatons Encounter 70183P, epds CE 7.4 BW 0.1 WW 31 YW 65 Milk 12, weaning ratio 112, yearling ratio 106, adj. ribeye 15.9 selling to Lynn Miller, Faith, SD for $4,750.

Lot 12, RR White House 947P, 3/19 son of Eatons White House 70064P, epds CE 5.6 BW 0.3 WW 36 YW 73 Milk 8, weaning ratio 112, yearling ratio 108, adj. ribeye 18/ratio115 to Tim Smith, Lodgepole, SD for $4,750.

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