Report: Missing or stolen livestock |

Report: Missing or stolen livestock

The following livestock have been reported as missing to Livestock Marketing Association:

Reported on February 18, 2014

Kansas (Pratt) – Feb. 11, 2014 – Pratt County Sheriff, 620-672-4133

12 head cattle. Black/black baldie cows, ready to calve any day, 1,300-1,500 pounds, right red or blue ear tag with DW on front, David Woydzlak 620-653-4883 on back, W F brand on right hip.

Utah – Utah Dept of Ag, 801-538-7166

(Apple Valley) – Jan 14, 2014 – 10 head steers, weighing 500-700 pounds, blue ear tags in both ears with numbers between 200 and 242, very hairy, cursive W brand on right hip.

(Fremont) – 12/2014 – 7 pair cattle, Slash TE connected on right rib.

(Yuba Reservoir) – 11/2014 – 1 bull, 3 years, L bar brand on right hip, pitchfork brand on right rib, hs ear tag #38 and tattooed in both ears with 161.

(Diamond Fork Canyon) – 9/15/2014 – 2 pair Black Angus, yellow ear tags on cows and blue tags on calves. Tags say Miner Ranch on back, all branded on right ribs with an upside down U bar Upside down U hanging J brand on the right rib.

(Mayfield) –Fall 2013 – 21 pair cattle, Box over C on right hip and/or right shoulder.

(Price) – 11 Angus cattle, some may be branded with Bar Hanging H on the left hip, red ear tags and all have underbit right ear and slit on left ear.

Wyoming (Yoder) – Dec. 28, 2013 – Wyoming Livestock Board, 307-777-6441

31 head cattle. 15 cows, 15 calves and 1 bull. Black Angus cross. Cows and bull have a ML connected over Bar brand on the right hip.

Nevada (Elko County) – October 2013 – Nevada Dept of Ag, 775-738-8076

4-5 head cattle. 1 Hereford first calf heifer may have calved by now, 1 black cow, 1 red cow, 1 calf description unknown. May have orange ear tags, Cows will have “Spiked Heart” brand on left rib and may have additional secondary brands, G with 3 legs on right rib or Not Equals sign on right hip.

Nevada (Pahrump) – Summer 2013 – Nevada Dept of Ag, 775/738-8076

1 American Quarter Horse, star, strip, snip and no other markings, bright red sorrel, name is Cruella, registered name: Shesa Snazy Wrangler.

Colorado – December 2013 – Colorado Brand Inspection, 303-294-0895

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–Livestock Marketing Association

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