Report: Vilsack to head U.S. Dairy Export Council |

Report: Vilsack to head U.S. Dairy Export Council

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will become president and CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council when the Obama administration ends on January 20, Agri-Pulse reported this week, although Vilsack declined to confirm the report.

Vilsack would succeed Tom Suber, who retired from the checkoff group at the end of 2016, Agri-Pulse said.

“The secretary is not going to comment on his future plans to any outlets until he leaves USDA. He will be focused on his job here until his last day,” Hillary Caron, a USDA senior adviser for strategic communications, told The Hagstrom Report in an email.

On Wednesday, USDDEC published a blog post on its expectations for the export dairy market in 2017.

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▪ U.S. Dairy Exporter blog – “USDEC offers a preview of the new year, identifying the factors that will shape U.S. dairy export opportunity”

–The Hagstrom Report

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