Reproductive tools create tomorrow’s cattle |

Reproductive tools create tomorrow’s cattle

Quality cattle come from quality genetics. And now, more than ever, seedstock producers have the greatest selection of reproductive tools to increase genetic merit in their cow herds: embryo transfer, sexed semen and cloning.

Mark Allen, TransOva’s director of marketing and genomics, says using these technologies can help cattlemen achieve their goals of genetic improvement by finding that elite genetic outlier.

“It’s about making lots of opportunities out of an elite female mated to an elite bull. So using in vitro fertilization technology, we’re able to aspirate a number of oocytes, say 20, 22 and produce a fair number of embryos, six, seven, eight embryos from that single aspiration,” Allen says.

“Sexed semen,” he continues, “gives us the ability to sort semen, increasing the probability of having 95% or greater for heifers or 90 percent for bull calves, and increasing the frequency of getting that genetic outlier, those animals for the next generation that are really going to move genetic gains forward.”

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–American Angus Ass’n adapted from the Angus Report