Results: 2012 Bobbi Johnson Memorial Barrel Race |

Results: 2012 Bobbi Johnson Memorial Barrel Race

Desiree Tolo, Dan Bacon, 2012 Bobbi Johnson Memorial Barrel Race Saddle Winner Brittany Eymer, Gloria Bacon and Billi Charles. Courtesy photo
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The 2012 Bobbi Johnson Memorial Barrel Race was held at Belser’s Cadillac Ranch on July 7. Official results are as follows:


1D: Pam Rolph, 15.545; Cassidy Kruse, 15.550; Sydney Fuerst, 15.822; Michelle Ruland, 15.946; Becky Bishop, 15.995.

2D: Kathy Fuerst, 16.095; Brittany Eymer, 16.138; Stephanie Kingston, 16.152; Jordan Tierney, 16.161; Pam Rolph, 16.163.

3D: Shannon Haugen, 16.557; Taylor Pingrey, 16.565; Mindy Bergland, 16.595; Heidi Jacobson, 16.608; Becca Gilley, 16.616.

4D: Lori Hill, 17.060; Sam Martinez, 17.147; Donna March, 17.161; Tristin LaPlante, 17.161; Kelly Wheelhouse, 17.163.

5D: Kelly Word, 18.090; Tineal Peterson, 18.115; Ashley Worth, 18.189; Nicole Njos, 18.353.


1D: Cassidy Kruse, 15.572; Amy Holmes, 15.836; Sydney Fuerst, 15.860; Jade Crago, 15.929; Lorita Crawford, 15.935.

2D: Wendy Bechen, 16.086; Jaycie Lamphere, 16.102; Keenie Word, 16.140; Stephanie Kingston, 16.162; Amanda Nelson, 16.182.

3D: Heidi Jacobson, 16.595; Shannon Haugen, 16.633; Gloria Bacon, 16.637; Sheyenne Jacobson, 16.680; Kelly Wheelhouse, 16.694.

4D: Emmy O’Connell, 17.086; Wendy Bechen, 17.105; Shawa Letcher, 17.123; Sunday Bossert, 17.152.

5D: Kelly Wheelhouse, 18.378; Ashley Worth, 18.599; Barb Williams, 18.819; Jenna Mahaffy, 18.953.


1D: Cassidy Kruse, 31.122.

2D: Sydney Fuerst, 31.682; Amy Holmes, 32.096.

3D: Brittany Eymer, 32.160; Amanada Nelson, 32.202; PeeDee Doyle, 32.261; Michelle Ruland, 32.265; Stephanie Kingston, 32.314.

4D: Kathy Fuerst, 32.623; Jessica Rouiter, 32.653; Marlene Wendt, 32.786; Tatum Ward, 32.814; Jaden Igo, 32.815.

5D: Linda Hunter, 33.639; Cassidy Kruse, 33.648; Wendy Bechen, 33.703; Jessica Rouiter, 33.712; Emmy O’Connell, 33.764.Sponsors for the event included: St. Onge Livestock; Scott Peterson Motors; Cenex; Life Styles; Belle Fourche Vet Clinic; American West; Belle Inn; State Farm Insurance; Lynn’s Dakotamart; West Tire and Alignment; Dr. Neil; Pete’s Clothing; Posy Palace; Round Up Lumber; James and Robin Ager Salon; Barb and Larry Moe, Moe Quarter Horses; Dr. Jackson; Belle Fourche Livestock; Clark’s Field Service, Clark and Diane Bauman; Equine Classic; Stadium Sports Grill; Besler’s Cadillac Ranch, Chris and RoseAnn Besler; Dakota Mill and Grain; Finkbeiners Feed and Seed; Pat Liggett; Farmers Insurance; Allert Insurance; Motive Parts and Supplies; and Theil Insurance.

– Billi Charles