Results: 2012 Butte Co. 4-H Rodeo |

Results: 2012 Butte Co. 4-H Rodeo

Jayci Lamphere, Belle Fourche, SD, won the Hi-Point Saddle for the weekend from Harding County and Butte County 4-H Rodeos. Courtesy photo

The High Point Saddle for the two-day combined rodeos of Harding County and Butte County was Jayci Lamphere from Belle Fourche, SD.

Official results of 182 competitors.

Jr. Jr. Girls All-Around: Sawyer Gilbert and Marlene Woodward. Reserve: Allison Clemetson.

Jr. Jr. Boys All-Around: Jake Fuerst. Reserve: Sam Larson.

Jr. Girls All-Around: Emilee Pauley. Reserve: Kaylee Clark.

Jr. Boys All-Around: Brady Hill. Reserve: Winston Brown and Tanner Fite.

Sr. Girls All-Around: Jayci Lamphere. Reserve: Karlee Peterson.

Sr. Boys All-Around: Cody Pekron. Reserve: Taylor Schmidt.

Jr. Jr. Barrel Racing: 1. Shania Larive; 2. (tie) Wacey Brown and Jake Fuerst; 4. Allison Clemetson.

Jr. Jr. Pole Bending: 1. Marlene Woodward; 2. Sidney Hanson; 3. Sam Larson; 4. Sawyer Gilbert.

Jr. Jr. Goat Tail Untying: 1. Marlene Woodward; 2. Sawyer Gilbert; 3. Garrett Brewer; 4. Wyatt Tibitts.

Jr. Jr. Calf Riding: 1. Sam Larson; 2. Logan Lemmel; 3. Wyatt Tibbitts; 4. Jake Fuerst.

Jr. Girls Barrel Racing: 1. Mykelsi Schnose; 2. Emilee Pauley; 3. Ryder Heitz; 4. Tristan LaPlante.

Jr. Girls Pole Bending: 1. Emilee Pauley; 2. Mykelsi Schnose; 3. Taylor Bothwell; 4. Kassidy Caspers.

Jr. Girls Goat Tying: 1. Kaylee Clark; 2. Emilee Pauley; 3. Mikenzy Miller; 4. Ryder Heitz.

Jr. Girls Breakaway Roping: 1. Kaylee Clark; 2. Sloan Anderson; 3. Brianna Philipsen; 4. Taylor Bothwell.

Jr. Boys Cattle Riding: 1. Brady Hill; 2. Dalton Harter; 3. TJ Schmidt; 4. Cole Brewer.

Jr. Boys Goat Tying: 1. Tanner Fite; 2. Trevor Olson; 3. Winston Brown; 4. Brady Hill.

Jr. Boys Flag Race: 1. Wynn Schaak; 2. Clay Schnose; 3. Winston Brown; 4. Baxter Boldon.

Jr. Boys Breakaway Roping: 1. Rio Nutter; 2. Collin Palmer; 3. Cooper Crago; 4. Cord Roberts.

Sr. Girls Barrel Racing: 1. Brittany Eymer; 2. Fehrin Ward; 3. Karissa Curtis; 4. Karlee Peterson.

Sr. Girls Pole Bending: 1. Jordan Hanson; 2. Brittany Eymer; 3. Miranda Mikkelson; 4. Jayci Lamphere.

Sr. Girls Goat Tying: 1. Karlee Peterson; 2. Kaitlin Peterson; 3. Cassidy Mutchler; 4. Fehrin Ward.

Sr. Girls Breakaway Roping: 1. Jayci Lamphere; 2. Breezy Boldon; 3. Kailee Webb; 4. Bailee Mutchler.

Sr. Team Roping: 1. Taylor Tupper & Cyler Dowling; 2. Taylor Schmidt & Prestyn Novak; 3. Cody Packer & Casey Packer; 4. Jayci Lamphere & Tyen Palmer.

Sr. Boys Bull Riding: 1. Shaun Maher; 2. Tucker Chytka; 3. Miles Englebert.

Sr. Boys Saddle Bronc: 1.Cody Pekron.

Sr. Boys Calf Roping: 1. Tyen Palmer; 2. Cody Packer; 3. Grady Egly; 4. Jace Phillipsen.

Sr. Boys Steer Wrestling: 1. Wyatt Schaak; 2. Taylor Schmidt.F

– Butte Co. 4-H Rodeo


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