Results: RFD-TV’s The American |

Results: RFD-TV’s The American

This weekend at RFD-TV’s The American tie-down roper Shad Mayfield and saddle bronc rider were the big winners, splitting the $1,000,000 side pot for athletes who qualified through the semi-finals. Here are the full results.

Bareback Riding

Place, Name, Score

1. Kaycee Feild, 93.00

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2. Clayton Biglow, 91.75

3. Tim O’Connell, 90.50

4. Anthony Barrington, 67.00

Barrel Racing

Place, Name, Time

1. Stevi Hillman, 15.405

2. Dona Kay Rule, 15.472

3. Wenda Johnson, 15.763

4. Kassie Mowry, 16.344

Breakaway Roping

Place, Name, Time

1. Kaycee Hollingback, 2.17

2. Katie White, 2.84

3. Jade Kenney, 3.05

4. Kelsie Chace, 11.91

Bull Riding

Place, Name, Score

T1. Sage Kimzey, NS

T1. Joao Ricardo Vieira, NS

3. Boudreaux Campbell, NS

4. Trey Benton III, NS

Sage Kimzey and Joao Ricardo Vieira tied for first via tiebreakers

Saddle Bronc Riding

Place, Name, Score

1. Wyatt Casper, 91.25

2. Ryder Wright, 90.25

3. Cole Elshere, 86.00

Steer Wrestling

Place, Name, Time

1. Matt Reeves, 4.05

2. Dakota Eldridge, 4.80

3. Tyler Pearson, 4.93

4. Tyler Waguespack, 6.30

Team Roping

Place, Name, Time

1. Brown/Harrison, 4.30

2. Lovell/Fillmore, 4.61

3. Smith/Corkill, 5.98

Tie-Down Roping

Place, Name, Time

1. Shad Mayfield, 7.75

2. Caddo Lewallen, 8.25

3. Haven Meged, 8.46

4. Tyson Durfey, 10.09

–The American

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