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Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls headline 2012 Burke Stampede Rodeo

Have we got a thrill for you Stampede fans! The Burke Stampede Rodeo and First Fidelity Banks have teamed up to bring to you – all the way from Exeter, CA, … the world renowned Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls.

Riata Ranch has evolved into a trick riding and roping school for young adults. Not only known for it’s sensational acrobatic stunts and complicated roping routines, Riata provides life lessons for young adults, leadership and confidence.

Since 1957, the Riata Ranch has trained more than 300 young women to do astounding riding tricks. Founder, Tom Maier passed away in 2002, but Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls, partner and manager Jennifer Welch Nicholson, has taken over the reins. This talented group continues to uphold the teachings, ideals and life lessons learned on the back of a horse.

The Riata Ranch philosophy has thrived on these simple truths; that values are taught through disciplined pursuit of a goal, and that you don’t give kids confidence and self-esteem, you show them how to earn it! Goals are one of Riata’s most important tools. Riata Ranch is a dream incubator, helping each student achieve dreams by setting goals. Many girls grow up dreaming of the thrill and challenge to riding a horse in a world class performance. The Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls are a finely tuned, talented and gritty group of women who are living that dream.

Every girl who comes to Riata Ranch (they come from diverse backgrounds from all over the world) must experience all aspects of ranch life. This is all the way from herding, working and roping cattle to wrangling horses. These girls can ride and rope with the best of them. The trick riding and roping actually arose from the necessity to keep challenging these girls, who were already superb cowboys.

The team of girls that you will see perform at the Burke Stampede all had to earn the right to perform as a Riata Ranch Cowboy girl. Spectacular is the only word to describe a performance by the Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls.

These young women have traveled to 15 countries and have been featured in print for Sports Illustrated, Cowboys and Indians Magazine and the Washington Post to name a few. They have dazzled audiences world-wide with performances on Network TV, in rodeos, Olympic exhibitions, NFL half-time shows and most recently (just this past May) in London on the grounds of Windsor Castle for the Queen of England.

The one and only Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls will be performing at all three performances of the 2012 Burke Stampede Rodeo July 20-22 in Burke, SD.

– Burke Stampede Rodeo

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