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Ridder Hereford Ranch

TSLN Rep: Jake St. Amant

Date of Sale: Feb. 2, 2023

Location: Callaway, NE
Auctioneer: Joel Birdwell

12 Yearling Bulls – $7,292 
59 2-year-old Bulls – $7,161
10 Fall Bulls – $6,050 
75 Yearling Heifers – $1,788 

Ridder Hereford Ranch hosted their annual production sale in their sale barn and via The Livestock Link with lively bidding from both. This is the Ridder family’s 116th year of raising Hereford cattle in central Nebraska.

Yearling Bulls
Topping the yearling bulls was R 7143 North Star 36K, selling for $13,500 to Hild, NE. Knippling Brothers, SD, bought R 87G North Star 21K for $11,000. R 236F North Star 31K sold to Holm, NE for $9,000. 

2-Year-Old Bulls
High selling two-year-old Bull was R D 236F North Star J92, selling for $13,500 to Knippling. R 36F North Star J37 sold for $12,500 and R 9102 North Star J53 for $12,500, both to Johnson, NE. Selling for $10,000 was R 9102 North Star J93 to McTygue, NE.

Fall Bulls
Topping the coming-2-year-old group of Fall Bulls was R 623 North Star J116 at $8000 to Paxton, NE. Murray, WY purchased R 623 North Star J118 for $7,750.

Open Yearling Heifers
Engelhard of ND purchased the high selling heifer R Starlette 286 for $4000 as well as R Starlette 2104 for $3,200. R Starlette 272 sold to Martin, WI for $3,000.

Ridder Herefords.
Ridder Herefords.