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Ridder Hereford Ranch Annual Bull and Heifer Sale

Courtesy photoSale hosts John and his son Joe Ridder at their 2012 Ridder Hereford sale.

Sale: Ridder Hereford Ranch Annual Bull and Heifer Sale

Location: At the ranch, Callaway, NE

Date: Feb. 2, 2012

Auctioneer: James Birdwell

Averages: 80 Hereford bulls – $5,152; 61 open Hereford heifers – $1,747

The Ridder family hosted a standing-room-only crowd on a beautiful day at their ranch’s sale barn near Callaway, NE. The sale offering included a fantastic set of two-year-old Hereford bulls plus a select group of yearling bulls.

The yearling bulls in the sale were members of the Grand Champion carload of spring born yearling Hereford bulls from the 2012 National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO. There were several herd sire prospects in both the yearling and two-year-old bulls in the sale. The bulls were in good working condition and the disposition was great.

Several new bloodlines were well accepted in the sale offering including the stand-out JNHR silver Standard 723U sire, and this was the last offering of the great 29P and 0041 get.

Buyers were from twelve states were on hand to make this a very successful sale for the Ridder Family.

Top selling Yearling Bulls:

R 955W North Star 12Y, a March 2, 2011 son of Cooper 955W with EPDs of BW 4.2, WW 57, YW 93 and Milk 28 sold to Ron Struempler, NE for $9,000 three-fourths interest and full possession.

R 3027 North Star 4Y, a March 1, 2011 son of UPS Domino 3027 sold for $9,000 to Knippling Brothers, of South Dakota. This bull has EPDs of: BW 1.8, WW 50, YW 85 and Milk 33.

R 3027 North Star 1Y, a March 1, 2011 son of UPS Domino 3027 with EPDs of: BW 3.2, WW 55, YW 89 and Milk 33 sold at $8,000 to Holms, NE for half interest and full possession.

R 723U North Star 44Y, a JoNomn 723U son born March 19, 2011 with EPDs of: BW 4.3, WW 49, YW 68 and Milk 20, went to Knipplings of South Dakota for $8,000 for three-fourths interest and full possession.

Two-year-old Bulls:

R 521T North Star 39X, a March 21, 2010 Neon Tracker 521T son with EPDs of: BW 6.2, WW 47, YW 93 and Milk 23 sold for $8,000 to Hendricks, NE.

R 0041 North Star 7X, a Harland 0041 son born Feb. 2010 with EPDs of: BW 2.8, WW 34, YW 52 and Milk 23 sold to Texas Stardance Cattle, TX for $7,250.

Knipplings also picked up the next two bulls at $7,250 each. R327U North Star 32X, is a March 16, 2010 son of Doenz 327U has EPDs of: BW 5.6, WW 52, YW 83 and Milk 27. Also, R 29P North Star 48X, a March 25, 2010 son of 157K grandson with EPDs of: BW 5.0, WW 51, YW 88 and Milk 23.


R Starlette J146, a 723U daughter and out of a 157K dam for $3,100 to Baker Hereford Farms, IL.

R Starlette 149, a 29P daughter and 157K granddaughter for $2,350 to Chad Ledbetter, OK.

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