Robertson: Lee Pitts owes an apology |

Robertson: Lee Pitts owes an apology

In the Tri-State Livestock News, dated March 11, 2023 I found an article by Lee Pitts to be very, very disturbing. I don’t have any idea what he was thinking when he referred to the Vietnam War as the Vietnam Meat Grinder. I can’t imagine any Veteran (me included) from any war not being struck at the heart from such an inhumane comment. More importantly, I can’t even think how the feelings of families that lost a son or daughter in that war could not come to tears (having read the article). What was the man thinking (or not)? I will no longer be reading his commentary and I believe (more so for the families) an honest from-the-heart apology is definitely in order! (IN PRINT)! 

Respectfully submitted, 

Bradley W. Robertson