Rodeo Business Conference during BHSS open to all rodeo cowboys |

Rodeo Business Conference during BHSS open to all rodeo cowboys

Conferees gathering information on self marketing, sponsorship and media skills and relations at Rodeo Business Conference. Courtesy photo

More than ever before, the business of rodeo is just as important as excellent cowboy skills. The rodeo athlete’s knowledge of how to represent themselves and the sport to the public, the media and potential sponsors with a polished media kit is a relatively new tool in the gear bag that’s proving itself vital.

“There is so much talent in South Dakota cowboys,” Nate Morrison said. “A lot of guys have what it takes, but have no idea how to market themselves to get the support they need to go down the road.”

On February 4 and 5, at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Morrison is hosting the Rodeo Business Conference (RBC). Two days of seminars, workshops and information featuring sessions by seasoned professional athletic agents, sponsorship specialists, rodeo budget and financial planners.

The Rodeo Business Conference covers such topics as media kit development, sponsorship proposals and relationships, interview skills and media workshops, ethics and professional presentation, sponsor expectations and fulfillment.

The two day session is affordably priced at $100.00. Conferees from eight states are registered for the event that takes place during the Black Hills Stock Show.

For more information or registration, contact Nate Morrison at 605.515.4313 or email

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