Roy Cranston Herefords 18th Annual Bull Sale |

Roy Cranston Herefords 18th Annual Bull Sale

From left: Janet Cranston, Doug Temple of Pitch Fork Ranch, and Roy Cranston.
Pitch Fork Ranch |

Cranston Herefords, owned and operated by Roy and Janet Cranston, held their annual sale Feb. 20 at St. Onge Livestock. With terrible road conditions due to freezing rain, the sale went on. Roy introduced his family and friends and thanked all that made the trip. He mentioned that the buyers will be very happy with the bulls as none are creep fed.

Cranston’s strive to breed for milk, calving ease, thickness, length, depth, longevity and disposition – and that is exactly what you purchase. These bulls were in excellent working condition and the repeat buyers see these traits and continue to purchase these bulls.

Cranston was happy to have bulls from Churchill Dakota 546R, bulls that are exceptional with milk and performance at weaning and yearling.

The top selling bulls of the day each went for $4,000 and both went to the same home – Pitch Fork Ranch of Porcupine, SD. The first bull is Lot 31, RC 1478 Wellington 346, a 4/5/07 son of RC 840 Wellington 600 with EPDs of BW 6.4, WW 55 and YW 99. The second bull is Lot 20, RC 1442 Robin Hood 342, a 3/24/07 son of Churchill Robin Hood 380 with EPDs of BW 4.4, WW 40 and YW 68.

Pitch Fork Ranch kept the bidding rolling with Lot 1, RC 1388 Dakota 1122. This 4/5/07 son of Churchill Dakota 546R carries EPDs of BW 5.1, WW 48 and YW 72 and sold for $3,500.

Lot 2, RC 1395 Dakota 0111, a 2/9/07 son of Churchill Dakota 546R, also sold for $3,500. This bull carries EPDs of BW 4.5, WW 50 and YW79 and sold to Narcisso Acosta of Prairie City, SD.

Rounding out the top five was Lot 24, RC 1452 Robin Hood 859, a 3/26/07 son of Churchill Robin Hood 380. This bull carries EPDs of BW 3.5, WW 46 and YW 76 and sold to Dobesh Ranch of Belle Fourche, SD for $3,250.

The 2009 drawing winner of a Cranston jacket was Roger Croell of Sundance, WY.

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