Ruland Arena Fall/Winter Series Results |

Ruland Arena Fall/Winter Series Results

Michelle RulandTaylor and Her Buckle Winning Horse
Taylor and Badger |

Ruland Arena finished another competitive barrel racing series. Fuel prices seemed to keep the numbers down somewhat. The competitors took home leather goods including rope cans, bronc halters, crosses, and frames by Mitch and Jed Kammerer, and trophy horse blankets with lettering by Stephen’s Specialties. Jodie O’Bryan ran consistently fast times aboard her good buckskin gelding she calls “Redneck”. She pulled off the 1D title and the Fast Time award. Taylor Richter kept barrels standing throughout the series, and earned her first buckle win. The 1D, 2D, and 3D are various divisions, with the fastest times falling into the 1D. This format allows horses in all stages of training to place in the divisions to earn money and points. The next series begins in late February and goes through April.

Ruland Arena Fall/Winter Series

Final Results


1. Jodie O’Bryan Belvidere

2. Amber West Philip

3. Lissa Papousek Quinn

4. Michelle Ruland Wall

5. Roxie Fox Belvidere


1. Roxie Fox Belvidere

2. Georgann Addison Belvidere

3. Jody Nash Piedmont

4. Bobbi Safar Piedmont

5. Susan Heathershaw Buffalo Gap


1. Jody Nash Piedmont

2. Bobbi Safar Piedmont

3. Georgann Addison Belvidere

4. Kathy Wolf Piedmont

5. Susan Heathershaw Buffalo Gap

Fast Time Award

Jodie O’Bryan and “Redneck”

Hard Luck Award

Kathy Downey Piedmont, SD

PeeWee Champions

Shelby Ruland Wall

Jaycie West Philip

Eastan West Philip

Katlynn Wolf Piedmont

Youth Champions


1. Taylor Richter Quinn

2. Lissa Papousek Quinn


1. Kelsey Richter Quinn


1. Sam Trueblood Buffalo Gap

2. Jamilyn Addison Belvidere

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