Russia implements ban on Australian beef by-products |

Russia implements ban on Australian beef by-products

According to ABC news Australia, Russia just implemented a ban on Australian beef by-products, including offal, due to a growth stimulant. Several shipments recently contained trenbolone, a drug allowed in some nations but one considere unsafe by Moscow standards, said the news story.

“The Interfax news agency said Australia had sent 13,000 tonnes of beef by-products to ex-Soviet countries in the first 10 months of last year – most of them to Russia – in a trade worth $21.3 million,” said ABC news.

Australia reported shipping 30,000 tonnes of beef to Russia in 2013.

According to a Russian watchdog, beef by-products are the target of the ban because the steroid concentrates in organs moreso than in the muscle.

It is not unusual for Russia to impose temporary bans on meat products over the use of hormones that are allowed in countries such as the United States but restricted by Moscow’s more stringent regulations, according to the story.

Australia is the world’s third-largest exporter of beef after the United States and Brazil.

–staff reports

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