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S.D. cowgirl Rehme Sutton, releases first album

Rehme Sutton of Burke, S.D. recently released her first single, “What Goes Around Comes Around.” Courtesy photo www.rehmesutton.com

South Dakota has a voice on the radio these days, and that voice is Rehme Sutton. Sutton is a Burke, S.D. native, who grew up on a cattle ranch. Sutton recently released a country music album, and her first single, “What Goes Around Comes Around,” reached the 53rd spot on iTunes in its first week.

Influenced by classic country artists like Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, and Johnny Cash, Sutton has created a musical masterpiece, with bold sounds of upbeat Texas country and swing country. Her album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and at http://www.rehmesutton.com.

With an album released and a tour in full swing, Rehme talks about her journey to country fame and reflects on the meaning of her album.

“One of my favorite songs on the album is Billie’s Song,” said Sutton. “I wrote this song for my brother, who had a bronc riding accident that left him in a wheelchair. He still holds a record for most points earned in Wyoming rodeo. Since the accident, he has never felt sorry for himself or used it as a crutch. He shows me that you make the most of a bad situation, and you grow stronger from it. Today, he is a successful state senator, and I’m very proud of him and all he has accomplished in his life.”

Sutton’s journey began at a young age, when she would sing while outside working on the ranch. She jokes that her brother and dad always knew when she was cold, because she had a habit of singing to keep warm.

“I grew up listening to old country music in the tractor with my dad,” said Sutton. “I’ve always loved music. I started playing guitar in college, and I loved playing acoustic. It all kind of grew from there.”

Sutton competed on the rodeo team with a scholarship at the University of Wyoming, and she graduated from the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy 2010. Post-graduation, she did relief work in the Martin, Chamberlain and Mission, S.D. areas. She wanted a job that was flexible, so she could get up and roll with her music career when an opportunity might arise. When a friend needed help moving to Stephenville, Texas, Sutton was willing to help. That friend introduced her to Josh Serrato, of Six Market Blvd., who eventually helped produce her debut album.

Working at a pharmacy in Stephenville, Texas to pay the bills, she spent her evenings focused on her music. With the help of Serrato, studio owner Michael Stanley, and Melissa Condren, she was able to write, sing, play guitar and produce an album that reflects her personal tastes and past experiences.

“One of my favorite tracks, which was released as a single in Texas and South Dakota is called “What Goes Around Comes Around,” said Sutton. “It’s the very first song I ever wrote. It’s about a break-up. It describes when a guy thinks the grass is greener on the other side, and when he comes back, you’re already gone. All 10 songs on the album have a personal meaning to me.”

Rehme has been busy with a release party in Stephenville, Texas, and a full tour in South Dakota. On May 20, she was in Spearfish, appearing on the radio show, “Live! with Jim Thompson.” On May 21, she did an interview on The Eagle 95.9, also in Spearfish. From there, she played at The Knuckle in Sturgis, S.D. On May 22, she headed to Fort Pierre, where she performed at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center. She then spent a day in Yankton, S.D. at the Rounding 3rd restaurant and bar and on the rodeo station, 104.1 The Wolf. On May 24, she played at the Slime Plant Lounge at the Deadwood Mountain Grand in Deadwood and had the great opportunity to play a short opening set before the Lee Brice concert. Her final stop was at Stella’s on May 25, in Burke, S.D.

“It’s good to be back in South Dakota,” said Sutton. “I know that my song did well on iTunes, thanks to the support of folks from home.”

Sutton will also be back in the state at the end of June. For now, she is excited to play her new songs wherever she can and see where the wind blows her.

Check out Rehme’s album, her tour dates and her fan merchandise at http://www.rehmesutton.com.


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